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Sanda Island - Great Britain, Scotland

We present to you the sale of the private 160-hectare Sanda Island, located a few miles south of the Scottish town of Campbeltown and a short distance from the famous Mull of Kintyre, where Sir Paul McCartney has owned a farm since 1966.

Sanda Island has an abundant and diverse history, dating back to the 7th century. Thanks to this, landowners can use the title “Laird of Sanda”, and, in the case of a woman, “Lady of Sanda”, which means the owner of a large tract of land in Scotland. They also gain the right to issue their own postage stamps and mint their own gold coins.

The uniqueness of the island also lies in the beauty of the local countryside with rocky cliffs, coastal meadows, heaths, flocks of grazing sheep, abundant wildlife and the most diverse species of birds. For this reason, the 4th official Scottish Bird Observatory was set up here to study birds. The waters around the island are rich in various species of marine animals and are therefore perfect for fishing and for whale- and seal-watching.

Just a few steps from Sanda Bay Beach is a self-contained, newly reconstructed farmhouse that can be rented by visitors to the island. It also includes a gourmet restaurant, which prepares dishes from quality local ingredients, based on the gastronomic concept of “slow food”, to which traditional local recipes are also adapted.

Current price list and more information on request HERE

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