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Félicité Island - Seychelles

We would like to introduce you to the sale of the private island of Félicité. This island, with an area of 2.68 km², is the fifth largest Seychelles island, belonging to the group of Inner Islands. It is located approximately 55 km north-east of the international airport on Mahé, the main Seychelles island. It thus takes about an hour by boat or 20 minutes by helicopter to reach Félicité, which is situated a mere 4 km from La Digue Island.

Until the 1970s, the island was used as a coconut plantation, in which only a few locals worked, being otherwise permanently uninhabited. Since 1996, it has been part of a nature reserve, as well as part of the Republic of Seychelles. Together with the surrounding islands of Ile Cocos, Marianne and Sisters Island, Félicité is a globally sought-after diving location.

The massive granite rocks of the island are covered in rich tropical vegetation, consisting of coconut trees, banana trees, vanilla orchids, hibiscus, cinnamon and huge mango trees. The surrounding underwater world is equally diverse and multicoloured, hidden in the turquoise waters of the ocean just a few metres from the coast. Beautiful white beaches complete the breathtaking scenery of this location, which is ideal for all lovers of relaxation and sporting activities.

Right on the coast is the only hotel resort on the island, belonging to the world famous Six Senses chain. Here guests can stay in one of 30 luxurious, fully equipped villas, set amongst huge granite boulders. Another option is one of the most exclusive residential projects in the world - Zil Pasyon Residences Seychelles - comprising 17 impressive residences situated on the highest point of the island to maximise the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The residences can be bought or rented.

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