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Trinity Island - Greece

Location: Greece, Euboea, Aegean Sea
Size: approx. 5 ha
Rent: price on request
Description: beach house, villa 115 m², private chapel, watchtower with studio, 3 concrete piers

We present to you the sale of the private island of Trinity with a size of less than 5 hectares, located approximately 100 km north of Athens, near the ancient city of Eretria on Euboea, the second largest Greek island in the Western Aegean Sea.

Trinity Island is abundant in Mediterranean vegetation, including mature pines, cypresses, beautiful flowering oleander and hibiscus shrubs, pistachios and various fruit trees, such as pomegranates, apricots, peaches, almonds and figs. In addition, there is an olive grove containing about 350 olive trees. The coast is lined with three sandy-pebble beaches, gradually merging into the turquoise sea, which is perfect for fishing and various water sports.

The facilities on the island were built in the 1960s and have retained their original appearance to this day. They consists of a&nsbp;villa for the owners with an area of 115 m², a smaller detached house for staff, a beach house, a private chapel, the interior of which was decorated by the famous Greek painter Spyros Vassiliou, and a watchtower with a small studio. The whole island has a network of roads and pathways. It has its own natural source of utility water, generators for electricity production, as well as three concrete piers with a dock, from where Euboea Island - only 1200 metres distant - can be reached.

The history of the island is noteworthy and colourful, relating to several important personalities, among which are the family of the former Keeper of the Royal Privy Purse (personal financial administrator of the Greek Royal Family), who have owned the island since 1958, as well as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the famous Beatles, who were guests on this picturesque green island.

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