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Vatuvara Private Islands (4 islands) - Fiji

Location: Pacific Ocean, Fiji, Lau Group
Size: Kanacea 1.248 ha, Vatuvara 485 ha, Kaibu 323 ha, Adavaci 41 ha
Sale (4 islands): USD 155,000,000
Description: 4 islands, 3 large residences with comfortable facilities, airplane

We present you with an interesting investment opportunity that has not been on the market for decades - the sale of four private islands in the northern part of the Fijian archipelago of Lau, with an impressive area - Kanacea 1 248 ha, Vatuvara 485 ha, Kaibu 323 ha and Adavaci 41 ha. The islands can be purchased into personal ownership, individually or all four together. The price includes the current owner's aircraft to facilitate travel between them.

  • Kanacea Island

The island of Kanacea stands out for its area of 1 248 hectares, as well as for its beautiful countryside with lush tropical vegetation which densely covers all its peaks. In the northeast of the island are several plantation buildings with basic infrastructure, as a reminder of its distant past. The whole island is covered by a mobile network signal. Bright white sandy beaches stretch along the coastline, gradually merging into the clear ocean, the waters of which are the target of divers from around the world. Kanacea Island has enormous potential for tourist development, whether by building a luxury hotel resort or private residences.

  • Vatuvara Island

The uninhabited 485-hectare island of Vatuvara is a true tropical paradise in the South Pacific and one of the most beautiful Fijian islands. Its shores are lined with pristine white sandy beaches, above which massive limestone cliffs rise to a height of 305 metres, covered in rainforest. The idyllic scenery of the island is completed by a shallow turquoise lagoon, separated from the dark depths of the ocean by one of the world’s best-preserved coral reefs. This is not the only reason why this whole area is a nature reserve, the protection of which is provided by the Vatuvara Foundation.

  • Kaibu Island

Kaibu Island is home of an exclusive resort - Vatuvara Private Islands - where only three luxurious, majestically designed residences with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean are located on an area of 323 hectares. Each residence has superb facilities, including a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, roofed outdoor seating, dining gazebo and private, pristine white sandy beach. There is also a modern fitness and wellness centre on the island, four training golf holes, equipment for various water sports and two elegant restaurants with 5-star cuisine, utilising fresh ingredients exclusively from local organic plantations.

  • Adavaci Island

The uninhabited island of Adavaci covers an area of 41 hectares and, like the island of Vatuvara, boasts beautiful indigenous natural surroundings, completely untouched by commercial tourism. Its shores are lined with mangroves and coconut palms, which merge into an impenetrable tropical forest inland, with endemic species of plants and animals. The golden sandy beaches glitter all around the turquoise ocean with colourful coral reefs and bountiful underwater life.

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