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Private Islands Worldwide

Be enticed by the unique spell of private islands in the waters of the Indian Ocean or Pacific, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, near Australia, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, the purchase of which is actually more feasible than you can imagine. Acquire your own piece of paradise with the maximum level of privacy, ample space for rest and relaxation as well as for diverse sporting and entertainment activities, always depending on the chosen location of the island, its resources and facilities.

Bling-Bling company has acquired exclusive representation for Vladi Private Islands, the largest international seller of private islands, which to this day has sold a record-breaking 2 654 islands worldwide. In addition to Germany, Canada, New Zealand and China, the Czech Republic therefore now also has its representative on the market for this exceptional commodity, which can also serve as an important source of future income.

So if you wish to be among the owners of one of these green jewels, now is the ideal opportunity. Choose from a wide range of islands around the world, either with complete infrastructure in terms of housing, building, utilities and drinking water sources, or uninhabited islands with the potential for further development. Everything can be arranged in the comfort of our official office in the historical centre of Prague, where all services connected with the purchase or rental of an island are totally discreet.

Do you have a specific idea of your dream island and favourite destination? Are you searching for a private island for commercial usage or for private purposes? We are happy to offer you a choice of private islands tailored to your individual requirements and wishes. For inspiration, we present a small sample of our database - the enchanting island paradises of Little Whale Cay and Isle à Quatre in the Caribbean, Félicité Island in the Seychelles, and the island of Pohuenui near New Zealand.

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