Skinos Peninsula - Greece, Ithaca

Location: Greece, Ithaca, Ionian Sea
Size: 114 ha
Sale: EUR 23,000,000
Description: 5 km coast, 8 beaches including Gidaki, private port, beach villa 307 m², apartments

We present to you the sale of the Skinos peninsula with a size of 114 ha, which lies in the beautiful bay of the legendary Greek island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea. The fastest way to get to Skinos is by helicopter from the international airport on the neighbouring island of Kefalonia. Another option is to travel by ferry or boat.

Ithaca is one of the last Greek islands not affected by mass tourism, thanks to which it has preserved some of the cleanest beaches in the world surrounded by pristine nature. The Skinos peninsula is located on its southeast coast, close to Vatha - the main Ithaca centre which is also one of the largest natural ports in the world.

The Skinos peninsula has more than 5 km of rugged coastline with limestone cliffs overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation and 8 white pebble beaches, including one of the most famous beaches of the Ionian Sea, Gidaki. Thanks to its exceptional natural beauty and expansive area, the Skinos peninsula has incredible potential for tourist development and further construction.

The history of the peninsula dates back to the 1960s, when it was acquired by a successful Greek shipowner, whose family has owned it to this day. In 1961, the family built a private summer residence on the peninsula, which has been visited by many famous guests such as Jackie Kennedy and Aristoteles Onassis, ABBA, Madonna and Rowan Atkinson. It has been rented by the family since 1995. The property including the whole peninsula have never been up for sale.

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