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A passion for modern architecture, elegant design and pure untouched Nature - all these are combined in the Creole name “ZIL PASYON” - “Island of Passion”.

ZIL PASYON RESIDENCES SEYCHELLES is currently one of the most exclusive residential projects in the world, covering nearly three hectares of the private Seychelles island of Félicité. It is situated approximately 55 kilometres north-east of the main Seychelles island of Mahé and a mere 4 kilometres from La Digue island.

The entire project is located at the very top end of the island on generous plots sized from 2 508 to 5 969 m² containing, after completion, 17 impressive modern villas, designed to blend perfectly into the local terrain and simultaneously to provide a high level of privacy. All this is enhanced by the quite distinctive architecture - sharp geometric shapes and top quality materials are used to imitate the omnipresent black granite rocks. The solid construction of the buildings is visually lightened by large glass walls, providing the interiors with welcome sunlight, while simultaneously connecting them with the surrounding tropical greenery. The dominant feature of each residence is the atypically designed private swimming pool nestling in the hillside, with one level above the other. This extraordinary design feature is enhanced by the upper pool having a glass bottom through which pleasant refracted light penetrates down to the ground level.

The interior layout is also absolutely extraordinary. The overall concept is based on an elegant and stylishly pure design of the airy spaces, which open out fully on to the outdoor greenery, providing unsurpassed panoramic vistas of the turquoise Indian Ocean. The fully air-conditioned villa is divided into several levels, with the formal living area loosely connected to the sunny pool terrace. There are also a distinctive trendy kitchen and three to five breathtaking en suite bedrooms. The high standard of comfort is crowned by luxurious interior furnishings, manufactured in a simple minimalist style with the use of the finest materials and decorative elements referring to the Seychelles flora and fauna.

The attractiveness and comfort of the resort are further enhanced by the lavish facilities of the newly opened hotel complex of the world-famous Six Senses brand, situated in the shade of the coconut palms on the shore. All residents can make full use of the hotel's superb services, whether of the very attentive staff ready to fulfil every wish, the option of full board in the privacy of the villa or in one of the top restaurants, yoga lessons with a private coach, cooking classes and various children's programmes, as well as state-of-the-art wellness procedures in the famous Six Senses Spa with gym and saunas. In addition, hotel staff will ensure all the services associated with the maintenance of the property and, in the case of interest, also its rental in the absence of the owners.

Thanks to this generously designed concept, which was created under the supervision of renowned architect Richard Hywel Evans in the famous RHE studio in London, on a site where formerly there were only coconut plantations, this has become one of the most exclusive addresses worldwide. In addition to unsurpassed luxury, comfort and privacy, also a wide range of unusual experiences are available, including water and land sporting activities, both on the island of Félicité and beyond its shores.


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