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Villas Valriche resort is spread over 210 hectares of park-like greenery. Currently more than half of the total of 288 luxury villas have been built and can be purchased and then used for private purposes or rentals. Moreover, with the purchase of any property, there is automatic membership of the Heritage Golf Club, and a pleasant bonus in the form of an electric golf cart in which to move around the course. As a property owner, one then meets the conditions for obtaining Mauritian permanent residency.

The only type of housing in Villas Valriche are detached villas, which provide a greater degree of tranquillity and privacy. They come in various sizes and 28 different natural designs that reflect elements inspired by the colonial history of the island. Each residence is surrounded by a cultivated garden with colourful vegetation. There are also a private swimming pool, a spacious observation terrace, providing a beautiful view of the golf course and surrounding countryside with the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. A garage is an integral part of each villa.

The smallest homes for sale are two-bedroomed single-storey villas with a floor area of 150 m². The largest villas are either single-storey or double-storey with a floor area of over 400 m² and three to four bedrooms. Each residence is situated on a private plot sized between 700 and 2 500 m². Due to the ample space of the area, size is no limit and therefore even breathtaking plots of over 5 000 m² are no exception.

The interior concept is often dominated by large French windows. This is based on the desire of the architects to optimally interconnect the interior with the outdoor tropical greenery. Just like the exterior, the interior is clearly inspired by Mauritian Nature and the colonial style, interestingly combined with modern elements. Air conditioning is standard, as well as a fully-fitted kitchen and a fully equipped bathroom with toilet. Other interior fittings can be selected within individual packages, including everything from furniture to light fittings, decorations, carpets, audiovisual equipment, bedding, towels, kitchen utensils and cutlery.

If you decide to purchase a property, you can either buy an already built villa or just the plot on which to have your villa built. You will become the owner of a plot or an already built property in three to four weeks, after submitting all the standard documents related to its purchase and the reimbursement of the purchase price. Up to five years is allowed before starting construction of a villa selected from our offer according to your wishes. This process of the construction lasts approximately one year. The most beautiful, luxury plots with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean are represented by the “Vista Collection”, with a selection of plots ranging in size from 1 400 to 2 000 m².

Since 2019, in addition to colonial villas, the villas in the “Contemporary Villa Collection” have been designed in modern timeless style exclusively for Villas Valriche resort by renowned South African architect Greg Scott. This collection includes three types of villas - single-storey Glow and Bliss villas, and Pure, a double-storey villa. The concept combines simple, clean lines with natural materials and earthy colours. All villas have spacious, airy interiors that open up to the ocean and outdoor greenery. They are surrounded by partially roofed terraces that lead conveniently on to an attractive garden with private pool.


Villa Glow



Villa Bliss



Villa Pure



The current offer of properties is available upon request HERE

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