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"Bling-Bling" is a word that originated in the 1990s' US Hip-Hop culture. The rapper B.G. is regarded as the one to have coined the word. In one interview, he even suggested that if he registered "Bling-Bling" as a trademark, he would not have to sing anymore. He was commenting on the incredible phenomenon of the neologism, which means: 'shiny', 'fancy', 'sophisticated', 'eccentric'. Originally, the word was used in connection with eye-catching jewellery, with which the Hip-Hop and Rap communities like to adorn themselves. Today it is used in connection with cars, cellphones, luxury watches, specs, as well as individuals. For example, the French use "Bling-Bling" to describe the flashy, bold and thoughtful attitudes, image, dress code and behaviour associated with former President Nicolas Sarkozy. In 2002, "Bling-Bling" was included in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

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