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Who we are

Bling-Bling company was founded by Jana Štefánková, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles in the Czech Republic and a successful entrepreneur. She contributes her know-how to Bling-Bling, supported by many years of experience in the media, social and diplomatic spheres, knowledge from university studies and experience obtained during more than 20 years of activities in the Indian Ocean region, particularly the Seychelles, where she has alternately been living and working since 1994. The establishment of the Bling-Bling company in 2008 was therefore the natural outcome of her lifelong experience as the founder, and the culmination of her business activities.

Since its founding, Bling-Bling company has experienced considerable progress, with the main focus of its activities being especially the area of the sale and rental of real estate, investments and doing business in the Seychelles and Mauritius. The company founder thus benefits from her long-term residence in this attractive region. Thanks to her perfect familiarity with the local environment, she introduces clients to interesting investment opportunities in the form of the purchase of real estate into personal ownership in luxury guarded resorts, as well as outside these premises. Unique residential projects offer an exceptional investment opportunity - Eden Island Seychelles, Pangia Beach Seychelles, Zil Pasyon Residences Seychelles and Villas Valriche Mauritius, which Bling-Bling exclusively represents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2018, Bling-Bling started exclusive cooperation with the most significant international seller of islands, Vladi Private Islands, and thus expanded its business portfolio with the offer of private islands, including all services connected with the purchase of this exceptional commodity. Interested buyers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can therefore acquire their very own piece of paradise in the waters of the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean or Mediterranean, in the proximity of Australia, Canada, or anywhere else in the world. Moreover, the comfort of the official Bling-Bling company showroom is available in the historical centre of Prague.

Bling-Bling company currently ranks as one of the most preferred specialists in the territory of the Indian Ocean. The company continues to strengthen and reinforce its market position through high standards of expertise and professionalism, first-class service based on reliability and an individual approach to clients, improvement and expansion of the range of services provided, as well as by the acquisition of important new projects.

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