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International Business Etiquette

Those who have style and know how to behave suitably are welcome guests everywhere.

As business is becoming more globalized, the knowledge of international business etiquette has become an essential part of training and professionalism. The ability to create a pleasant atmosphere, tact, courtesy and awareness of local customs may be the keys to success which will ultimately make others decide in your favour. People prefer doing business with those they like and trust. Without sufficient knowledge of established customs, we can easily make an embarrassing mistake or inadvertently offend a business partner. Behaviour that is customary in one country can cause a scandal in another, whereas respecting cultural norms creates psychological well-being, without which it is hard to conduct successful negotiations.

To ensure that your business meetings are conducted in full compliance with the customs of the given country, we have prepared for you an educational seminar on International Business Etiquette led by the founder of Bling-Bling company, Jana Štefánková, together with leading experts in the fields of business and social etiquette, dining etiquette, diplomatic protocol, style and fashion.

We recommend this seminar to:

  • Clientele working in the areas of management, business, banking, law and hospitality, in diplomatic and civil service, as well as to all others who want to feel comfortable during important business meetings with foreign partners.
  • Business owners, executive managers and prominent personalities from various spheres of cultural, social and political life, as well as to all others who want to follow well-established rules at all times to make the best impression.

Seminar participants will learn:

  • Rules of international business etiquette in selected countries
  • Basic cultural differences
  • Rules of dining etiquette in selected countries
  • Choosing appropriate clothing
  • Basic forms of courtesy
  • Business and private gifts (appropriate and inappropriate)

The seminar includes:

  • Theory (definitions of the concepts and interpretation of the main principles)
  • Practice (specific possibilities for the application of new skills)
  • A summary of what has been learned
  • Discussion

Are you going on a business trip to Dubai, Tokyo or Moscow? Do you know how to behave correctly in specific countries? Do you know the local rules of dining etiquette? Do you know how to choose the right topic for casual conversation and what gift to give? Do you want to be perfectly prepared for any business negotiation at home as well as abroad? Register for our seminar on International Business Etiquette.



We always organise the International Business Etiquette Seminar in combination with either the Dining Etiquette Seminar or the Professional Dressing Style Seminar. The seminar take place in the luxurious environment of a five-star hotel, top-class restaurant or on the prestigious premises of our showroom, with preferably 8-15 participants. The price depends on the place, date, content and duration of the seminar, the number of participants, and whether the seminar includes the exclusive training menu of several courses plus drink tasting.

If you are interested, we can also create an individual program for you, tailored to your full satisfaction, outside the group sessions.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a customised non-binding offer, including prices.

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